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Please read through these frequently asked questions to learn more information. If you still have questions please contact me. Thank you!

What type of lessons do you offer?

I offer lessons for catching, hitting, slapping, throwing, infield, outfield, and mindset.

How much are lessons?

$30/athlete/30 minutes

$60/athlete/60 minutes

How many players in each session for your regular lessons?

First lesson:

  • Initial Assessment: 1 athlete

All following lessons:

  • Catching & Fielding: max 3 athletes

  • Hitting/Slapping: max 2 athletes

  • Mindset Training: 1 athlete

How do I know what session to sign my athlete up for?

If it is your/your athlete's first lesson with me I will work with you to schedule an initial assessment. Times available for a first lesson assessment are labeled "Open Time for Any Lesson - Message Gabi." If I feel that only some groups would work better than others I will communicate that to you for future scheduling.

I always recommend that athletes ​and their families contact me to figure out what session is best for them. It's never a bother! I want to make sure each athlete has the best experience possible!

Please contact me to find the best session especially if your athlete falls into one of these categories:

  • 10 years old or younger

  • Beginner (very basic/limited knowledge)

  • Advanced high schooler

Where do you give lessons?


The Sportzone Dome: 1900 Hill Ave, Aurora, IL 60504

Fearn Park: East Field: 1582 Hawksley Lane, North Aurora, IL 60542

The Fundamental Backstop: 800 East North St. Elburn, IL Unit B 60119 - Not for hitting lessons since there is no cage.

When do you have lesson availability?

Summer 2024:

  • Mondays: The Sportzone Dome / Fearn Park

  • Tuesdays: The Fundamental Backstop - Not for hitting lessons since there is no cage.

  • Wednesdays: The Sportzone Dome / Fearn Park

  • Thursdays: TBD

  • Fridays: Possibly open for lessons - TBD

August-December I plan on doing lessons around my school schedule with some weeknights and possibly some weekends.

Are boys allowed?

Typically I work with softball players, but I welcome baseball players too! Boys tend to be nervous attending alone for the first time so I recommend they request for a teammate to join them!

How do I get updated about your availability?

I send out push notifications in the Wix Spaces scheduling app. Remember to allow notifications on the app. Click here to be taken to the Gabi Nilles Fastpitch on Wix Spaces app invite link.

How do I schedule?

Scheduling can be done either through this website or by using the Wix Spaces scheduling app. Click here to be taken to the Gabi Nilles Fastpitch on Wix Spaces app invite link.

I see on your schedule "Open Time for Any Lesson - Message Gabi." What does that mean?

You'll see this when nobody is currently signed up for that time slot. When you message me you can let me know if you want it open for catching, hitting/slapping, infield, or outfield. I will then open it and you can sign up. Other athletes can then sign up as well until the max number of athletes has been reached.

What is your cancellation policy?


  • I have a 24-hour cancellation policy for lessons. If you need to cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged the price of your lesson.

Camp/Clinic/Program/Other Events:

  • I have a 7 day cancellation policy for camps, clinics, programs, or other events. f you cancel less than 7 days before it is scheduled to take place or no show, you will be subject to the charge of that program. This includes team events as well.

  • There are no make-up sessions for programs. Example: If it runs for 8 weeks and you miss week 3, there will not be any additional make-up sessions after the conclusion of the program.

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