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Headshot of Coach Gabi.

I coach to give athletes the tools and confidence they need to begin to create and trust their process. I am dedicated to providing high-quality training with a purpose.

I am a Lewis University softball alum '21-'24 and I am earning my degree in elementary & special education and in the fall semester of 2024 I will be student teaching. I have been playing softball since I was 9 years old and have been giving lessons since 2019. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with younger athletes. I am extremely passionate about teaching athletes the importance of understanding and focusing on the little things in their training that make them well-rounded on and off the field.

Trust your process.

TRUST Bracelet
Gabi's "trust your process" tattoo
Gabi assisting a catcher throwing

Trust your process. About a year ago, these 3 words have become my mantra. Something I have been living by. I usually hear  people say “Trust the process.” That only partially resonated with me, and for a while, I was not sure why. I realized that it was because I didn’t feel as connected to the phrase as I could be. I didn’t know that one little change from one word to another could make such a difference in my mentality. Switching ‘the’ to ‘your’ was a game changer for me because it was specific to ME. Not anybody else. Every athlete has their own way that they go about the game they love. Everybody develops their routines, preferences, styles, communication, and everything else. No two athletes are the same and I decided to embrace that.


I love this phrase so much that I decided to share it with as many athletes as possible that I have the opportunity to work with. I love seeing it everywhere as it is a reminder to put trust in yourself. Everything that we choose to add to our training and lives contributes to who we are. Each action we take is a part of our story. Whether it be as tiny as a bracelet I’m wearing, the words on the back of a t-shirt, or as permanent as my tattoo, I always want to remind others to trust their process so they can build confidence.


I have been working on the connection between my mind and body, especially the past 6 months. Mindfulness has changed my life ever since I began implementing it 2 years ago. Trust is something that grounds me. Trust in myself, trust in my teammates, trust in my coaches, trust in my family, and anybody else who is on my path. Leaning into my amazing support system only affirms that more. 


Trust your people, use your resources, develop your plan, and keep it fun!


Trust your process.💕

Jaeger Sports' Softball Liasion

This partnership. Wow. Ever since 8th grade, because of my dad, I have used J-Bands every single week. That’s a lot of reps! Once NIL was approved by the NCAA, I knew that I now had the chance to rep one of my favorite brands! I am blessed to have become Jaeger Sports’ softball liaison as a result. Jaeger Sports is full of amazing people who truly care about athletes as humans. Mindfulness and arm care are at the forefront of their mission. I am blessed to be a part of this ride. Because of this brand and the amazing minds behind it, I am able to help the softball community take charge of their training and their mindset. To me, each J-Band represents an athletes whose training, discipline, confidence, and so much more will improve. The band itself is a training product. An extremely helpful one at that, but it all depends on how it is implemented. The company is so much more than arm care, as I said, they care about athletes as humans first. I’m so blessed that each of those athletes trusts me to be a part of their process.

Contact me for a discount on your order and to inquire about me working with your team.

Gabi Nilles with Jaeger Sports logo
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